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Argan oil is not only beneficial to skin – it is also great for hair and is often used in various shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments This non-greasy oil has a very high vitamin content along with its high concentration of fatty acids that makes it perfect to use as a leave-in conditioner. Argan oil is also an excellent treatment to help tame frizz and fly-aways, fight split ends and protect against the heat of hair dryers, curlers and flat irons, all the while promoting body, and a healthy shine.

Hailed by many celebrities as the secret “go to” beauty product, here are 12 beauty benefits of Argan oil that you probably didn’t know about:

1. Natural moisturizer for the hair.

2. It improves hair elasticity.

3. It nourishes new hair growth.

4. Improves hair manageability.

5. It restores the smoothness of hair by locking moisture.

6. It repairs damaged and brittle hair.

7. It has vitamin E vital for the restoration of hair affected by the heat, over-styling and oxidation.

8. It makes hair shiny.

9. It increases the life of color treated hair.

10. It heals split ends.

11. Is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 9 which nourishes hair pores and roots.

12. It doesn’t leave any greasy residues.


Remember, Argan oil is a great way to tame the frizzes, make your hair more manageable, fight split ends, add gloss, softness and shine. Why not try one of our Argan Oil infused hair brushes? Check out our complete range of Natural Oil Infused Wooden Hair Brushes!

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