3 easy ways to style your hair with a flat iron


The flat ironHow did we ever live without its ability to straighten out and smooth our lengths at a moment’s notice or on the go? It turns out, that’s not all we should’ve been relying on for all this time! 

Your straightener is capable of so much more than just, straightening. We wanted to share with you three amazing styles you can achieve with your flat iron step by step. Get your Ti-Style flat iron ready, your hair is about to look more beautiful than ever…

Sleek and Straight

The Ti-Style flat iron can help you to create, it’s no secret that it was made first and foremost, to straighten your hair. After all, it’s what flat irons do best. Thanks to its 100% ceramic plates, infrared technology, and an adjustable 460ºF temperature setting, it’s a task this flat iron achieves better and quicker than most!

So, how do we recommend you use the Ti-Style flat iron to get smooth, shiny, beautifully straight hair that lasts? It all starts with prepping your hair with a wash!

Prep Your Hair

  • Start by prepping your hair in the shower. The best way to do this is by using a shampoo and conditioner combination designed specifically for moisturizing and smoothing out your locks. Additionally, once applied, comb your conditioner through and let it absorb into the mid-lengths and ends of your hair before rinsing with lukewarm water.
  • Pat your hair dry in a downwards motion. And when we say pat, we mean pat! No dragging the towel down your hair, this can cause lasting damage. Meanwhile, scrunching at the hair with your towel will enhance any natural curl you have so be sure to avoid this too so your Ti-Style flat iron can do its thing!
  • De-tangle your hair before blow-drying. Use a detangling brush on particularly knotty locks but reach for whichever brush or comb you know works best for you. Brush from the ends and work your way up instead of dragging the brush through wet hair. Once again, this can damage your hair and certainly won’t provide a good base for straightening with a super-hot flat iron!
  • Protect and dry your hair. Whether you opt for blow-drying your hair or you simply leave it to air dry to lessen the amount of heat you’re applying regularly, you always need to make sure your hair is completely dry before going in with your flat iron.
  • Applying these kinds of temperatures to wet hair will always cause damage and breakage and you’ll know it’s happening as you see the steam and hear the sizzle!
  • Additionally, we always recommend treating your hair with a heat protection spray or cream before drying or heat styling, this will prep your hair to receive the heat and stop it from becoming dry and frazzled as you go. That goes for every style on our list!

All prepped and ready? Let’s get onto the straightening itself!


  • Section out your hair. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to hair sectioning because we all have different hair in terms of length, texture, and thickness. As a rule of thumb, however, we recommend dividing out your hair into at least three sections from bottom to top, then taking smaller sections one at a time from these larger ones to pass through the plates.
  • Hold the hair straight and taught. As you straighten each section of the hair, make sure you’re holding it straight and taut either with your hand or with a brush/comb. This action allows the plates to glide more easily and evenly over your hair meaning they’ll straighten it better and more quickly. This ultimately helps as it means you’ll need to pass the plates over your hair fewer times resulting in less heat on the hair which, as we all know, can damage it over time.
  • Finish off with a serum once your hair has all been straightened. This will add shine and softness to your locks, not to mention it’ll seal the hair cuticle for healthier hair from the inside out.

2.Sleek Ponytail

We all love a classic ponytail. Ti-Style flat iron makes achieving that look easier than ever!

How to Create This Look:

  • Once you’ve decided on the height of your desired style, use a brush or comb to slick your hair back into a neat and tidy ponytail. If you have any flyways or wavy pieces beforehand, use the Ti-Style flat iron to take care of them first.
  • Once your ponytail is secure, make sure it’s brushed through and tangle-free.
  • Then, section off small pieces at a time. Run your flat iron over them once or twice until smooth and sleek.
  • Once you’ve covered each section, you’ll be left with a chic, straight, up-do that really does take just minutes to create!

3.Voluminous Curls

Achieving glamorous, voluminous curls is not all that different from how we created our loose beachy curls. However, there are a few specific and vital differences that will take your curls from pretty, to unforgettable! 

This look is perfect for everything from evenings out to work functions. Once you know how to achieve this style with your flat iron, you’ll never look at it in the same way again!

How to Create This Look:

  • Begin by separating out your hair once again. However, for this look, you’re going to be taking larger sections of hair in order to create a more glamorous looking, luxurious, substantial curl. Keep this in mind when you section out your hair. Take bigger pieces out to pass through the plates.
  • Before the actual curling begins, give your hair a generous spray of hairspray all over. This will help set your curls as you go. It will also keep them intact much longer once you’re done with the flat iron.
  • Now, start with the bottom section again. Take your first piece of hair and make sure it’s well combed through (do this every time). This will ensure the final curl is smooth and bouncy like a Hollywood star, rather than wavy or uneven like you slept on it all night!
  • Next, start closer to your head than before. Make sure the cord end of your flat iron is facing up. Clamp your first section of hair, twisting the flat iron away from your face as you go. If you can, and your hair is long enough, go ahead and keep rotating the curling iron as you slowly pull it through the hair. This will create a stronger, more prominent curl with extra bounce and plenty of shape.
  • Go ahead and do this all over your head. When you reach the top section, don’t be afraid to keep starting those curls nice and close to the roots. This will give your final curly style heaps of volume and will look super glamorous!
  • Don’t forget about the hair closest to your face either. If you have very long bangs, you can certainly curl those too, adding more height and shape to your style. If they’re on the shorter side, simply set your flat iron to its lowest temperature. Use it to gently tease these pieces subtly away from your face.

Which of our styles did you love? Don’t be afraid to try new things with your Ti-Style flat iron, you can even experiment with the angle you hold it at to create different curl shapes and sizes. Your flat iron is without a doubt your most prized heat tool!

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