4 Fabulous Valentine's Day Hairstyles


Whether you have a special day or romantic night out planned with your loved one or you’re heading to the club with your girlfriends to celebrate, you’re going to want to have fantastic hair. Valentine’s Day is a time that is to be filled with love, appreciation, adoration and if you’re lucky, gifts. It's coming up soon, and there’s still time to plan your look for the big night.  

Here are four ideas to have fabulous looking hair on the most romantic day of the year:

1. Adding volume with hair extensions can get creative with updos and big, full curls.

2. Accessorising with a red heart clip in your hair, a thin headband or hair jewel can do just the trick to make your style extra sexy.

3. Did you know that if you spray perfume in your hair instead of on your skin, its fragrance will last longer?

4. Half-up or full hair braids are wonderful ways to capture mythical romanticism for Valentine’s Day. 

No matter what your plans are, Valentine’s Day is an excellent excuse to dress up your hair and look fabulous.

What are some hairstyles for Valentine’s Day that you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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