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Long hair is an age-old beauty trend that will always be in style. However, getting that super long hair is not always so easy. Whether your hair is long or short, look no further than your own hair care routine.

You can try these pro-recommended 4 methods at once to help your hair grow longer and improve the health of your strands


  1. Get frequent trims:  Hair growth starts at the roots, but hair damage is concentrated near the tips. Getting regular trims gets rid of split ends that break your hair and give the appearance that your hair is growing faster.
  2. Keep your scalp healthy: Hair growth starts with a healthy scalp. When you cleanse and treat your scalp with healthy ingredients, you product strong, beautiful hair.
  3. Finish with a cool rinse: Rinsing your hair with cool water will help seal the hair cuticles, prevent moisture loss and strengthen your hair before styling it.
  4. Brush your hair out: The natural oils created by your body to nourish your hair and help it to grow long get stuck at your scalp and have a difficult time travelling down the shaft of the hair. Using our natural bristle brush to comb your hair 1-2 times will distribute the oils and keep your hair soft and healthy.


With a little bit of effort, you can maintain healthy hair by following a good hair care routine and using hair products that are suitable for your hair type to grow your hair out.


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