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Tip #1: Use Protection

If you haven’t added a heat-protectant product to your blow-drying routine, now is the time to do so. When it comes to products, less is more—but always use a heat protectant. You can add products later to tame frizz or flyaways, but you want to make sure your hair is weightless, bouncy, and protected from heat styling.
And if you thought these products were one-size-fits-all, think again. Take your hair texture into consideration when choosing thermal sprays, serums, and lotions. Those with fine hair, for example, should look for volumizing heat-protectants, while anyone with an unruly mane should choose a formula that smooths without flattening.


Tip #2: Know When to Rough-Dry
Before you grab your hairbrush, learn the art of a rough-drying. What is rough-drying, you ask? It’s the very scientific technique of blasting your hair with a blow-dryer while tousling and fluffing with your fingers—and is recommended for anyone with fine hair. Use your fingers to let out some of the moisture, using your dryer on medium heat. For added volume, flip your hair over and blow-dry from the bottom to the top.
If you have coarse hair, avoid rough-drying because blowing out wet strands will help eliminate frizz and result in a smoother finish.


Tip #3: Perfect This Technique
The first thing you’ll need in your quest for bouncy strands is the right tool—namely, a mixed-bristle round brush. Start at the back section of your hair, and blow-dry with the nozzle of your dryer pointed downwards to help seal the cuticle, lock in shine, and increase shine.
To add major volume at your roots, take a Mohawk-like section and blow-dry it forward, then backwards. Your brush will tell you if your hair is done. If the brush glides smoothly through your hair, then your hair is ready. If the brush gets stuck, keep drying the sections that are not yet smooth.


Tip #4: Lock It in Place
Perhaps the most important step of an at-home blowout? Locking it in place. After all, what good are voluminous strands if they fall flat within the hour? Spray a strong but not sticky hairspray throughout your strands right after your hair has dried. Don’t be afraid to spray again right before bedtime to preserve volume.
As for making your hard-earned bounciness last, sleep with your hair above your head, pulled into a loose ponytail. If you have curly or frizzy strands, use a silk wrap to prevent frizz. If you have fine hair, twist your strands into a pin curl after pulling it into the loose pony.


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