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With Thanksgiving done and dusted, the holidays will be here before any of us are ready for it! With seating charts, food planning, cooking, house cleaning, entertaining and everything else that comes with the festivities, having bad hair is one thing you shouldn't have to worry about.

So, how can you style your hair for the holiday season while still balancing your hosting duties? Here are a few quick and easy ways to get that gorgeous look in no time.



Try a quick, cute Bun!
The side bun with tiny braids is a popular summertime hairstyle that really translates well for holidays. It's quick and easy but has a complex look that will have your holiday guests thinking you've been up since the early morning hours.



Long hair with curls

There is no doubt that long hair can create an ultra-feminine feel, classy and elegant. Show off your long locks by adding curls for a that savvy, "I woke up this way" look. Use our fantastic Sleep-in Rollers for luxurious curls without the fuss.


Perfectly Tousled Updo

1. Place a dramatic side part in your hair and use a duck bill clip to hold the top section of hair on the side you parted it on.

2. Back comb the entire crown of your head to give more volume.

3. Smooth down hair.

4. Pull hair back into a low tousled pony tail.

5. Comb hair and twist to smooth out curls.

6. Use a dry wax or similar to mend all the fly away ends and continue to twist up. Secure with a bobby pin.

7. Using a wand, go back and curl the front section you set aside. Curl into two or three curls.

8. Back comb to loosen and then pin in place.

9. Va-va-voom!


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