Get perfect easy waves using a Flat Iron

Get perfect easy waves using a Flat IronOne of our hairstylist clients recently shared with us how she had a customer begging for the new hair technique, flat iron waves. So, she pulled out her new Touch 3 FLAT IRON and just by giving the iron a good twist, it did a lot of the work for her and resulted in a happy customer with flat iron waves.

Here are a few PRO TIPS she shared with us:

• Use a good, quality flat iron with a beveled edge to get nice waves.
• Don’t use hairspray before you flatiron. Hairspray will cause the iron to stick and   cause creases.
• Use the flat iron by pushing a 1- to 2-inch section of hair into an "S" shape, tapping it with a 1-inch flat iron to set it, and alternating directions all the way down the hair shaft.
• Practice trying to get the motion down with the flat iron off to allow you to get a feel for the wave pattern you’re trying to create.
• Use continuous movement. If you stop, your hair will get a crease.
• Lightly straighten the ends for a more relaxed looking wave.

She said, “The best part about the look is that it works on any hair type. I do this trick on long hair and short hair, thick hair and thin hair.”

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