No Heat November: Letting Your Hair Breathe for A Month


No HEAT November Hair Edition is upon us. While there are many things to be thankful about during the holidays, No Heat November means that we will be laying down the hot combs, flat irons, blow dryers, wand curls, and any other styling tools that require plugging in and heating.

No Heat November can be beneficial to your hair because it can allow a break from heated styles that can cause breakage, restore moisture to your hair, and cut down on style time.

Here are some quick tips to No Heat November:

1. Make the Challenge Work For You

Youtube has some tutorials for lovely curly styles that do not require heat. Or if you want to dive into the world of ponytails and buns, try a low bun or a sleek topknot.

Braids are also a low maintenance style. Ask friends for new techniques to try!
Take advantage of the internet; there's always a guru close by!

2. Get Familiar with Your Products

Figure out what works for your hair: What products keep your frizz low? Which ones smell great and have even better ingredients? It is all about knowing your hair and knowing your products.

3. Accessorize

There are a million ways to rock a hairstyle: Use a scarf; it can create a cute updo, or cover your whole head. Add a headband in the front of your head or the middle.

4. Enjoy Yourself!

No Heat November is supposed to be fun and exciting. Don't let it become stressful and more of a chore than a fun challenge. Do whatever makes you comfortable.

Bonus Tip: Healthy Hair Is Most Important

Healthy hair starts with what you eat, and your hair care practices. Clarifying your hair, deep conditioning, being mindful of products, avoiding styles with tension, and getting regular trims are all key components of hair health. Whether you are permed, natural, have never straightened your hair, or go to town with a hooded dryer every two weeks, your hair will be healthy if you take good care of your hair.

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