Paddle brushes are perfect for all different hair types!

Do you own a paddle brush?




Most people buy a paddle brush to work with their long hair but did you know that this unique flat and wide design of this classic brush can do more than tame your long locks?

A paddle brush can be used to create everything from straight and smooth looks, detangling hair, to adding volume and bounce. Paddle brushes are perfect for all different hair type and textures, from short and long hairstyles.

A paddle brush can help you achieve 2 hairs styles that are always in style:

Straight and Smooth:

The head of the paddles is known to be oval or rectangular with bristles that sit on an air cushion and contour to your head to provide a stimulating scalp massage while smoothing and detangling your hair. To get that sleek, smooth look, section your hair with clips into three main sections, the nape, middle, and the crown, blow drying each part of your hair with the underneath of the paddle brush.

Add Volume and Bounce:

Apply the backcombing technique using a paddle brush by selecting a part about an inch thick in the front of the hair, pressing the brush downwards towards your scalp and sliding it down and out to create a base. Roll the brush using the inner part of the brush, press, and lock in.

A good paddle brush is easy to handle, makes holding the brush comfortable and can last for years.

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