Top Hairstyles Trending in 2021


2021's most popular haircuts will have us all revisiting the past with hair trends from the '70s, choppy layers, blunt cuts, and curtain bangs.

Here are the trendy hairstyles you’ll be seeing more of in 2021:

Textured Layers

More texture to naturally fine hair using layers, focusing midway down the hair ensures you don't lose too much volume.


Blunt Collarbone Cut

Whether your hair is thick or fine, a blunt cut gives your hair life and appears fuller and thicker, adding volume to the hair.


Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are soft and flirty giving you a look that is super stylish with any length of hair.


 Sharp Shoulder cut

This sleek and sexy style has a slimming effect on the face, grazing your shoulders with a sharp blunt cut making any classic bob or lob look trendy.   


1970s Long Cut

The longer your hair the better. This soft, feathered, and fluffy look is back in 2021 from decades past.


Choppy Layers

Short hair is on-trend and super stylish with choppy layers, giving you a cool and textured look.  

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