• Get perfect easy waves using a Flat Iron

    Get perfect easy waves using a Flat Iron
    One of our hairstylist clients recently shared with us how she had a customer begging for the new hair technique, flat iron waves. So, she pulled out her new Touch 3 FLAT IRON and just by giving the iron a good twist, it did a lot of the work for her and resulted in a happy customer with flat iron waves.  
  • Ti-Style Summer Hair Tips

    Ti-Style Summer Hair Tips
    The sun is here! Follow these 5 tips to protect your hair and keep it looking and feeling great this summer season:1. Combat humidity with conditioner: Summertime weather can bring humidity, which wreaks havoc on all hair types. Fine, thick, straight or curly, the same is true. As the temperatures rise, you need to re-think your conditioning products.2. Condition Hair Before Swimming: Rinsing and...
  • Choosing the Right Brush for your Hairstyle

    Choosing the Right Brush for your Hairstyle
    The secret to getting perfect everyday hair involves using the right hair brush to suit every type of hair length, style and texture from straight, wavy, frizzy and curly. Here's a handy guide to the most common types of brushes on the market, plus when to use each one.
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