TI-STYLE Sleep-in-Roller "HOT LIPS"

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The new craze in curling is coming to America!  TI Sleep in Rollers allow you to have BIG, BOUNCY, CURLS without the dryness or potential damage that can come with an appliance!  

TI style has designed a 'self holding roller' ‘that allows you to ‘SLEEP’ comfortably  with the rollers still in the hair through the night. The morning after you will wake up with a ‘Luscious'  curl that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Each Pack contains.

  • 6 x 2” designer roller with matching colored foam.
  • 4 x JUMBO designer roller (2.5”) for large bouncy curls.
  • 10 x color coded pins, to hold rollers in place.
  • 1 x professional salon comb



TI-STYLE Sleep In Roller Products are a fantastic gift for any ‘Roller Queen’.

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