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MCH Heater for Exact Temperature Control
Don’t settle for less! The heating element heats the plates and the MCH is the most hi-tech heating element to be implemented into any flat iron anywhere in the world.

Exclusive Color Coded LCD Display
Check your temperature at a glance. The LCD display changes color depending on what range your set temperature is in.
Cyan: Power Off Yellow: Heat-up Mode Green: 265-340˚F
Blue: 355-395˚F Red: 410-450˚F Purple: Sleep Mode

Variable Heat at the Touch of a Button
Use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the temperature by increments of 20˚F, or press both at the same time to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Safety 60 Min Auto Shut Off
Forgetting to turn the TI iron off is not a problem! Our ‘patented Auto shut off’ will completely shut down your TI iron after 60 mins of non-use!

Sleep Mode with Auto Recovery
As well as auto shut off, the Touch 3 has an extra safety feature and will go into a SLEEP mode after 10 mins of non-use. This amazing feature will not turn iron off but keep it at a safe temp. To wake up, just touch the plates together and the iron will return to it’s previous heat setting!

Titanium Plates with Floating Plate Technology
Ensures the heat is distributed evenly and the surface of the plate is resistant to damage from chemicals in hair products.

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