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Macadamia Oil is renowned throughout the world for delivering instant shine, anti-frizz and deep hydration to your hair, from tip to scalp. Macadamian OIL INFUSION: Our pins are molded with a Macadamian oil base that will leave micro particles on the hair shaft helping to increase the natural shine of the hair and protect the evaporation of natural oil in the hair that causes dryness.



Argan oil, Infused, Anti Tangle brush with New Patented 4 pin technology ideal for all types of hair for all ages including pets. When tangled, the hair is in different 'layers' with each layer crossing over in different directions and different textures. Unlike our competitors with just 2 pins, the New 4 pin configuration detangling brush consists of groups of 4 different length of pins that can reach these different layers at the same time. The end of the pins penetrates the hair to different depths allowing less pressure when pulling the brush through the hair. Produced from sustainable forestry.


  • LONG PIN: 75 x15mm infused pins to reach scalp layers.
  • MEDIUM/ LONG PIN 75 x 10mm infused pins to reach near scalp layers.
  • MEDIUM SHORT PIN 75 x 0.75mm infused pins to reach outer frizz
  • SHORT PIN 75 x 0.5mm infused pins to reach the most outer layers of the hair.


  • USE ON WET OR DRY HAIR.. Patented Pin placement has been specially designed for use in shower or bath
  • SMALL COMPACT AND CONVENIENT.. This luxury wood product is ideal for any womens bag or purse, small and compact but gets the job done efficiently. The Ti-style luxury wood Detangler is the ideal travel companion.
  • NEW ERGONOMIC OVAL DESIGN, just like the Mouse on a computer, the OVAL Pod Brush is designed to go easy on the wrist and prevent further snagging and pulling and easy storage.
  • "NO FUSS" Guarantee, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your product we will give full refund up to 30 days after purchase. Just keep your proof of purchase.

RECOMMENDED HAIR TYPES: • NO MORE TEARS!! The Ti-style luxury detangler is ideal for all types of hair including children and pets!! No more early morning struggles getting the kids hair brushed! Thick, Thin or medium the P.O.D is used by professionals and kids!


The P.O.D works great on dry hair but ideal results Shampoo and condition hair then Towel dry hair until damp.. Brush the hair in a downward motion starting at ends and working your way to the root. The P.O.D has been specially shaped to brush and hold any way you like, Long ways or width ways!

TI- tip.

Spray hair first with an anti tangle serum,  then hold the brush just like a computer mouse and start at the ends and work your way to the scalp!

brush care.

It’s real simple!  Remove any hair by pulling it out with your fingers!!
wash with warm, soapy water; rinse clean.  Leave to dry!.


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